Mary Shy Scott Park

  • Mary Shy Scott Memorial Park Project


    In Memory of Mary Shy Scott, L.H.D.

    23rd International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

    10th South Atlantic Regional Director
    22nd President of Kappa Omega


    During the administration of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s 29 th International President Dorothy
    Buckhanan Wilson, Launching New Dimensions of Service (LNDS) Targets were implemented.
    Under Target 4: Environmental Ownership, of LNDS, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority implemented
    high impact programs to provide healthy environments and improve the quality of life in the
    underserved communities. The AKA 1908 Playground Project℠ was launched to ensure children
    have safe and inviting places to play. Chapters restored and renewed 1,908 existing community
    and school playgrounds with its Restore, Refresh and Renew Project℠.

    During the 2016 International Convention held in Atlanta Georgia, the Dr. Mary Shy Scott
    Memorial Park was dedicated in memory and recognition of the Alpha Kappa Alpha’s 23 rd
    International President, Mary Shy Scott. Funding was allocated to maintain the park. The Mary
    Shy Scott Park committee was established to continue programmatic efforts and maintenance
    of the park during and after the conclusion of the Launching New Dimensions of Service (LNDS)
    Targets. The Mary Shy Scott Park committee consists of the Metro Atlanta chapters of Alpha
    Kappa Alpha who are committed to collaborative service efforts.

    Kappa Omega serves as the lead chapter for the initiatives completed by the 15 Metro Atlanta Chapters.